Sunday October 22, 2017
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Khafji At A Glance 


Khafji City is located on the Arabian Gulf, in the southern part of the ex-Neutral Zone and on the far northeastern tip of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,  Al Khafji is located at latitude 28-26 N and longitude 48-30 E, slightly north of Ras Al-Khafji, 300 km north of Dammam City in the Eastern Province, 130 km South of Kuwait City and just 10 km from the Saudi Arabia / Kuwait border.



Al-Khafji city is affiliated to the Eastern Region’s Amarah. The city started as a residential compound for the staff of the Arab-Japanese Oil Company which was offered the first concession right for oil exploration and drilling in the neutral zone between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Kuwait. The city was located in the neutral zone, the concession area between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Later the city became fully administered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and called Al-Khafji Province of The Eastern Region.



A number of factors affect the climate in the Al-Khafji area, the most important being the meteorological and geographic locations. Al Khafji’s climate is considered to be an arid region climate, with a total average annual rainfall of only 105 mm. However, the quantity of annual rainfall substantially varies from one year to another as some years witness precipitation of more than 200 mm, while in others only a few mm. During 2010, the total rainfall for the year was 23.50 mm, comparatively low as compared to rainfall during the year 2009. Rain fell during the months of January through May and in December; there was no rainfall between the period June and November.

In Spring the average temperature is in the range of 21°C, with relative humidity about 50%. In Summer the temperature averages around 37°C, while relative humidity is above 50%. Autumn sees average temperatures around 29°C, while relative humidity is about 50%.