Sunday October 22, 2017
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Local Community Support   

AGOC works on its own account and with KJO, to support the local community through the continued activities of the outreach program. The program includes area government support for charitable, humanitarian, cultural, religious and scientific purposes.

Examples of community projects include a new municipal park opposite AGOC’s Home Ownership area, new classes for a boys and girls remedial program, construction of a Saudi Section at the Al Khafji Passport Office, a roundabout beautification project, horse club project, renovations for the Al Khafji Border Passport Office and playground facilities along the Corniche at Al Khafji Beach. 

Scholarship Program

AGOC has developed the ‘College Degree Program for Non Employees’ educational scholarship, to attract promising Saudi males, graduating from High School within the local community. This program is a key part of the Company’s community outreach program and provides an opportunity for the   selected students to develop their intellectual and academic talents further, through a creative, professional scholarship program.

 The College Degree Program for Non Employees program is opened for scholarship applications at the end of each academic year, in September. Please see Our Business / Training and Development or E-Services / College Programs, accessed via the Home Page.


Home Ownership Program

AGOC’s Al Khaleej Home Ownership Program subdivision.

AGOC has a well-established Home Ownership Program (HOP) having constructed a fully serviced subdivision in the Al Khaleej area of Al Khafji. The HOP is for the benefit of eligible employees and the purpose of the program is to encourage the Company’s Saudi employees to own a house for their family and help expand the Khafji community.

The first phase of the subdivision was completed in 2005, with 236 lots. There are four neighborhoods with a total of 816 lots over an area of approximately 148 hectares (1.48 square kilometers) and the development includes community gardens, play grounds and a Grand Mosque. AGOC have also built six schools and a kindergarten (boys’ and girls’, primary, intermediate and high schools) for the project, with a capacity for 1400 students and 240 Kindergarten children. These were handed over to the Directorates of Education for the Eastern Province during 2007. During 2009, a Commercial Center accommodating a supermarket and shopping mall were completed, as was an electrical substation, to fully serve the needs of the community.

Currently, AGOC is engaged in the development of infrastructure in neighborhood - 4 of the home ownership area. This project commenced in 2010 and is planned to be completed in the last quarter of 2011. The project scope includes the development of 156 housing lots, a local park and reserved lots for a local mosque and shops.