Sunday October 22, 2017
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President & CEO Message 



I am honored to join Aramco Gulf Operations Company during this great era in its history and I wish to extend my greetings to everyone who is currently part of the successes that AGOC has achieved to date.

It is now more than fifty years since Well # 1 struck oil (July 1960), in the Al Khafji region. We are thankful to those who have supported the company’s ambitions with their best efforts, energies and expertise.

As a fully owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, Aramco Gulf Operations Company (AGOC) will continue to work together with our partner Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC), in meeting the future local and global energy demands through efficient production of its hydrocarbons reserves, by using state of the art technologies and a competent workforce.

AGOC will also continue to pursue excellence in everything we do and encourage continuous learning and develop our people to their highest potential. We will strive to promote industrial safety, the application of information technology, development of our human resources and care for the environment.

We will continue to be accountable for all our actions and support each other to work together to achieve our business objectives successfully. AGOC fully supports a strongly performing Khafji Joint Operations (KJO) organization, prepared to face future challenges with oil and gas exploration and production, while continuing to support our community and to serve as a role model for others.   

AGOC is committed to fulfilling its responsibility for the Kingdom’s fifty percent share in KJO and we will continue to excel with our partners, for a better future for both of our shareholders and for our nations.



Abdullah N. Al-Helal
President  and Chief Executive Officer