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Engineering and Technology 

The Master Plan Project

  • KJO management had the vision of building new offices and facilities, from which, a Master Plan Project was conceived to replace the existing outdated infrastructure, much of which was over 40 years old. The new facilities were designed to meet changing times and modern business needs.
  • The Master Plan Project includes replacement and development of utilities, offices, warehouses, workshops, residential quarters and recreation facilities. The project extends over an area of 2.4 square kilometers, covering a strip of 6 kilometers along the coast.
  • Design for the project commenced seven years ago and it was split into three phases and various project packages, in order to facilitate progressive use of use of completed infrastructure, subject to priority. Phases One and Two have been completed whilst Phase Three is ongoing with its anticipated completion at the end of 2009.
  • The new facilities are equipped with the most up-to-date building management systems. The design incorporated not only modern techniques but also met stringent safety and security standards, together with KJO’s own regulations and local codes of practice.


    Project Commencement

    • Construction commenced with infrastructure services facilities in 2003 and was completed progressively between the third quarter (Q3) of 2005 and Q3 2006.
      The package comprised:
    Ø  A 60 meter high water tower for potable water, holding 850 cubic meters capacity
    Ø  A 1900 cubic meter steel, potable water tank in addition to fire booster pumps and an office building.
    Ø  A sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 2000 cubic meters per day.
    Ø  A new two lane causeway bridge, dual carriageway, 160 meters long with a safe load capacity of 60 tons.
    Ø  Two new, high tension, medium voltage switching stations, each with a capacity of 20 Mega Watts.


    Main Infrastructure Package

    • This package consists of the services utilities, road network, security fences, security main gates as well as the demolition of existing facilities. This package makes up the backbone of the Master Plan Project to serve all other parts of the master plan.

      Ø  Replacement of existing electrical network with 100 kilometers of medium voltage cables and 49 new substations.

      Ø  Replacement of all copper wire communication networks with 22 kilometers of fiber optic cables to provide high speed internet services, TV cable network, data information and telephone services, all in one line.

      Ø  A new irrigation network to serve all green areas and trees, utilizing treated water from the newly constructed sewerage treatment plant. All irrigation networks are fully automated, to maximize water conservation.

      Ø  A main sewage collection network including lift stations and branch lines, connecting new and existing facilities. Potable and Fire Water networks are included together with a new storm water network to control surface water run-off from roads.

    Office Park Package

    • Projects within this package include the Head Quarters building for Al-Khafji Joint Operations
      adjacent to Al Khafji beach. It also includes a new IT building, Industrial Security Department building, Main Gate buildings, Coast Guard facilities, Terminal & Marine Department (including upgrading and expanding the port facilities), a new central laboratory building and renovation of old offices, which support and assist the operational departments. The renovation program includes the Drilling Chemicals and Mud Store Building, together with buildings for three other departments, namely Production, Exploration and Development and the Utility department. Construction is being completed progressively between Q2, 2008 and Q4 2009.

    • A consistent architectural design has been applied to all buildings to provide all the Master Plan buildings a unique KJO imprint. A special design theme was reflected in the external pre-cast panels which comprise a rough stone finish reflecting the sandy nature of the area and a smooth finish reflecting the developed stage of KJO while the third design element used glass, stainless steel and aluminum cladding reflecting the latest technology of construction. Construction materials and methods have been chosen to resist the effects of high humidity, high temperature and the seaside location. Visitors to Al Khafji will clearly recognize the architectural theme on all buildings starting from the residential housing area through to the operations area. All buildings incorporate the latest technology in telecommunications, fire safety, security, access control, paging systems and CCTV.


    Integrated Workshops Package

    • This integrated workshops package includes, the KJO Fire Station and Fire Maintenance facilities, KJO garage, scrap yard and security forces area. The workshops themselves have been designed and constructed to incorporate the latest technologies (communications, HVAC, fire safety and fire fighting systems) in compliance with the highest quality standards. Some seventeen facilities were grouped and integrated, in order to improve overall performance and efficiency. The new facilities were completed in Q1 2007.
    • The new Fire Station and fire maintenance facilities are located near the new transportation gate and causeway bridge; the location was carefully selected to ensure the best coverage for the North Area including the office park and community areas, in addition to required support for the fire station at South Area. The total site area is 15,000 square meters with a 2,450 square meter built up area. KJO garage area is located at the North area over a total site area of 20,100 square meters  with a 2,718 square meter built up area including the garage building, car wash facility and shaded car parks.
    • Construction of the new Security Force area reflects KJO’s commitment towards its social obligations.


    Community Package

    • The Community Package is located within the KJO operational area, along the Gulf coast and consists of 300 villas and three neighborhood mosques distributed amongst residential areas. This part of the development incorporates 2.2 kilometers of beach front and the provision of green spaces and children’s playgrounds with construction scheduled for completion by Q4 2009.
    • Other buildings include a Guest House with associated facilities, a training building plus the Saudi and Kuwait Ministry of Petroleum building, completed Q1 2008. The training building has 19 classrooms, two workshops, one auditorium for 160 trainees and a cafeteria for 50 persons, with associated parking and was completed in Q2 2009.


      Reuse of treated waste water at KJO

    One of the components of KJO’s mission to implement environmentally friendly reuse and recycling programs, has been the reuse of treated waste water. KJO has a central waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 2000 cubic meters per day (m³/d), which produces treated waste water for landscape irrigation, roadside vegetation and gardens. The treated water is distributed both automatically from the network and to a lesser extent, manually through the use of tankers.